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Recently, The Connor Group contributed content for an article on Apartments.com, and we shared “5 Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment”. Check out the full article here.

Moving into your first apartment can be overwhelming, but luckily TCG has some great tips for new apartment-owners to reduce their stress and workload:


1. Coordinate with friends and family

If your friends and family are helping you move, communicate with them beforehand! You don’t want to get stuck on moving day when you realize no one has a big enough truck.

2. Box search

Find enough boxes to pack up your belongings. Staying organized is key, and don’t forget to label everything! It will save you a ton of hassle when it’s time to unpack.

3. Outside opinion

Consult with friends and family to make sure you’re not bringing everything plus the kitchen sink. With an outside opinion, it will be easier to throw away what you don’t need.

4. Use blankets

Blankets can protect your furniture, cushion fragile items and you can even use them as a makeshift bag when you’re moving in!

5. Sandwich bags

These are perfect for collecting small screws and making snack-bags to show your appreciation for everyone who’s helping you out on your big day.

To get more details on these life-saving moving tips, be sure to read the full article on Apartments.com and remember to share these tips with someone who might need them!