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Buzzfeed.com published an article on the 27 reasons deep dish pizza is better than all other pizzas. The first point on the list was because delicious Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is crusty and cheesy and saucy and without flaws. It’s the perfect combination of thick, crispy crust and three to ten inches of cheese and toppings and then just a mess of delicious sauce.

Since one of our rental communities, Glenmuir of Naperville, is within striking distance of some of the city’s best pizza joints, we decided to compile a list of the top pizza restaurants in Naperville.

Don’t just take our word for it though…We also looked at online reviews via Google+ from actual customers. There is nothing better than a local’s perspective on the best slice of pizza!

We also snagged information from each of the Naperville pizza restaurants’ website so they could provide their own rationale on what separates their pizza from the competition.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the list, or if you prefer deep dish versus thin crust, you have to admit that Naperville is home to some of the finest pizza establishments in the United States.

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria


Address: 131 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540
Phone: (630) 717-0700

Image Courtesy: loumalnatis.com

A "true Chicago classic", this top-notch chain staple can't be beat for its masterfully crafted deep-dish pies with "buttery, flaky crusts" (the thin-crust is "excellent as well"), plus its out-of-this-world salads; the dining areas differ by location but are generally pleasant enough, so when you need to "satisfy your inner glutton", it's a quintessential pick.

Customer Reviews

“One of the best and original Chicago pizza chains. Great Chicago style pizza, although my experience is that the pizza has been copied fairly closely by other chains. My experience has shown that the bruschetta is where Lou Malnati's is best - this is where I had hands down the best bruschetta of my life. I would definitely recommend the restaurant to a friend.”

- Charlie Andrews via Google+

“Not only the best pizza in the area, but in my humble opinion the best in the world can be found at Lou Malnati's. If you've been in Naperville long enough, you'll remember the location as the old firehouse, so it's kinda neat that Lou's kept it with the firehouse motif. I don't go to this particular location often because it's so crowded, but I've never had a bad experience there despite that.”

- Mike Ramirez via Google+


Little Italian Pizza


Address: 373 E Bailey Rd Naperville, IL 60565
Phone: (630) 983-8200

Image Courtesy: littleitalianpizza.com

Little Italian Pizza is home to one of the best pizzas in Naperville, IL. They combine authentic Italian dining with pizza that will have you craving more. At Little Italian Pizza, they boast using the freshest ingredients; they have an amazing and attentive staff, and great atmosphere!

Customer Reviews

We have been to almost every pizza place around and this is BY FAR our favorite pizza. We order from them all the time. Their thin crust is THE BEST thin crust you can find. It is a little pricey but all worth it! The whole neighborhood by them orders from them, it’s just sad they don’t have more reviews. Usually they tell us an hour and are here in 30 minutes so it’s great!”

- Bulldog One via Google+

Little Italian Pizza is honestly my favorite Pizza Restaurant. We go at least 8-12 times a year, and the servers know us (and more importantly our order) every time we come in. Great food, and if you get the family meal deal it's not too expensive.”

- John Moosemiller via Google+


John & Eddie’s Pizza


Address: 1468 Chicago Ave, Naperville, IL 6054
Phone: (630) 470-9397

Image Courtesy: johnandeddies.com

Family-run pizza parlor crafting home-style pies with signature crust, wings & casual munchies. John & Eddie’s gives you the freshest, most delicious vegetables (and pizza) around town.

Customer Reviews

“THE best pizza I have tasted around Chicago, if not outside of Italy. Their bases are wonderful and the toppings are generous. This is how I expect a pizza joint to run (people are friendly, service is great). If you're looking for GOOD pizza, then this is the place to come.”

- Paul Morgan via Google+

“I love John and Eddie's Pizza! The crust is awesome, the sauce is great and the people are wonderful. I highly recommend this place to everyone!”

- Marc Davidson via Google+


Uncle Pete's Pizza Shop


Address: 815 N Washington St, Naperville, IL 6056
Phone: (630) 357-5111

Image Courtesy: petesza.com

Naperville's favorite pizza: Uncle Pete's. Uncle Pete's has been locally owned & operated for over 25 years. It’s a long-running pizzeria serving pies on a variety of crusts in a small, no-frills space.

Customer Reviews

“I'd heard great things about Uncle Pete's, and decided to try it today. I can't heap enough praise on this place. The pizza is classic Midwestern thin-crust pizza. The crust was baked perfectly, having a light crunchiness on the outside without being brittle or tough. The toppings were piled high (almost 2-3 times what you'd receive on a thin-crust pizza from a national chain). The toppings were incredibly fresh and had great flavor. Lastly, the pizza was not greasy at all. So if one makes health-conscious topping choices, Uncle Pete's pizza will not necessarily be a gut buster. It's clear why this place has stayed in business for 30 years. It's amazing.”

- Robert Dailey via Google+

“I order from here all the time, I love the prices and even better is the pizza. I’ll be moving to Aurora which means I won’t be able to get delivery anymore but that won’t stop me from picking up :)”

- Ryan Dickey via Google+